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A French multinational advertising and public relations company ,headquartered in Paris, France.It is one of the «BigFour» agency companies Independent Production: one of the leading advertising agencies in Lebanon in the field of TV production. Change Signed a partnership agreement with Publicis in August 2014.

Products :
Digital – Showreel - TV/Cinema/Film - Case Studies - Making Of’s – Events – Speeches - Print Outdoors.


Independent Productions is a full-fledged film production company and post-production house servicing the advertising business as well as the entertainment industry and specialized in TV commercials, music video clips and corporate documentaries.

Clients include international brand groups such as Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, McDonald›s, Dewar›s, Mercedes-Benz, Dubai Properties, Sabic, Bank Audi, Panasonic, Showtime, Rotana, and Dubai properties.

Platform Agency is a professional services firm, providing strategic and analytic branding and marketing solutions. Their aim is to explore and provide specific, research-based approaches to assist businesses in acquiring accurate data from the local market, in turn identifying and ensuring comprehensive brand development and communications with the right target groups.

Communications Solutions:
Brand Identity Development, Brand Strategy, Digital Services, Marketing Planning, OOH Audit, Outreach Events

Research Solutions:
Advertising Effectiveness, Audience Measurement, Retail Measurement, Marketing Mix, Market Performance, Monitoring & Evaluation, Mystery Shopping, Product Development, Reputation Management, Segmentation




Naseej: Animated TV Production







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